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iRecover.US | CBT in addiction treatment - What is it?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

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CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based model that challenges the way we think and perceive the world around us. CBT teaches how to change irrational negative thoughts into more realistic thoughts. CBT changes the way we think, to ultimately change the way we feel and behave. Research and experience shows CBT to be highly effective in the treatment of addiction and general mental health problems.

CBT relies on the premise that thoughts influence feelings and feelings influence our behavior. In order for us to change behaviors that we find unacceptable, we need to change the feelings and thoughts behind it.

For example: If you are about to take the last chocolate chip cookie on the plate and another person swoops in and eats it, you might get angry at them. Now in this over simplified example, we can clearly see that we are not angry at the person for taking and eating a cookie. Their actions had a deeper meaning for us. It is about how you perceived the action and the feelings you experience as a result. Since this person did not consider that you might want the cookie, you may feel like they see you as unimportant or that you do not matter. This leads to the feeling of anger, resentment and low self worth. . These negative self-beliefs are what allows someone to harm themselves with drugs and alcohol. It is these underlying feelings and thoughts we will explore in CBT and investigate if they are based in reality or if they are irrational negative thoughts about ourselves. In reality, the person taking the cookie most likely did not realize you were going to take it.

In a nutshell, CBT explores the deeper feelings, thoughts and beliefs we carry about ourselves and challenges them. Ideally those negative beliefs we carry about ourselves will be transformed into more realistic belliefs that will allow us to live productive, healthy and happy lives.

Our residential addiction treatment and substance abuse program in Howard SD will provide the option of completing a CBT based program as an extended program beyond the 12 Steps. iRecover.US will also provide our virtual outpatient participants with the four module CBT program that they can complete in the comfort of their own home. This will be supported by virtual classroom lectures and one to one counseling.

For more information visit us on www.iRecover.US or call us on 1-888-212-1627

iRecover US is considered by many to be the top alcohol rehab and drug rehab in South Dakota. iRecover US employs evidence based treatment programs to provide the best alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction treatment to all residents of South Dakota and the Mid-West. We accept insurance and self-pay options are available.

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