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iRecover.US, located in Howard South Dakota, offers a unique model of addiction treatment that incorporates evidence-based and effective interventions for various types of addiction, including illicit drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, and process addictions like gambling. Our program is built on the proven Living in Balance program with elements of the 12 steps, which consists of four modules that guide participants through the recovery process step by step with the assistance of our experienced addiction professionals. In addition, our extended program offers participants the opportunity to complete an additional four weeks of treatment based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which provides them with essential tools and skills to ensure successful recovery.

Despite our structured approach, we believe in a holistic approach to recovery that incorporates healthy bodies and healthy minds. To achieve this, we integrate physical activity and nutrition as part of the recovery process. Our program incorporates the latest and most effective medical, behavioral, psychological, and spiritual interventions, taking into account the unique needs of each individual struggling with addiction. Participants are led by competent facilitators, counsellors, and our medical team, who teach additional skills, such as mindfulness-meditation and other therapy, to address individual needs.


CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based model that challenges the way we think and perceive the world around us. CBT teaches how to change irrational negative thoughts into more realistic thoughts. CBT changes the way we think, to ultimately change the way we feel and behave. Research and experience shows CBT to be highly effective in the treatment of addiction and general mental health problems.

Addiction treatment drug and alcohol rehab south dakota
Addiction treatment drug and alcohol rehab south dakota


Our inpatient program provides our participants with classroom based learning with a program facilitator. This includes lectures and discussion groups for the full benefit of the experience and knowledge in the room. Classroom based learning is also beneficial due to the shared experiences of the participants attending.  


One to one, or individual counselling is an essential part of our treatment program. In this modality our participants are able to explore deeper, personal issues with a trained and certified therapist. One to one counselling can be either in person or virtual via video conferencing. The amount of one to one sessions is dictated by the need of the participant

Addiction treatment drug and alcohol rehab south dakota
Addiction treatment drug and alcohol rehab south dakota


At iRecover.US, we are committed to providing secure and exceptional medical care to our residents, with a particular focus on addiction medicine. Our residents benefit from the presence of experienced nursing staff who are on-call to attend to their safety and physical well-being on a 24/7 basis. We have a team of highly trained staff who can efficiently and safely manage the detoxification process for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Our residents undergo a comprehensive review of their current and past medication history, conducted by a qualified pharmacist. Furthermore, we address the ongoing medical needs of our residents, ranging from providing medication access to managing chronic medical conditions. To ensure the highest standard of care, our residents in Howard South Dakota have access to a licensed medical doctor, either in-person or virtually, through advanced technological solutions.

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