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What to bring

Packing a Bag

Administrative Items

* Arriving participants are limited to two bags /suitcases*
  • Driver’s license or other Government Issues Photo ID

  • Treaty Number (if applicable)

  • Health Insurance / Prescription card (if available)

Comfortable Clothing

We encourage you to dress comfortably and casually. Clothing should not be overly revealing, and shoes should be comfortable for walks or outings. You will not need to pack for all 30-60 days of treatment, as laundry is done once a week.

  • Jeans and Full-Length Shorts

  • Blouses and T-Shirts

  • Running Shoes

  • Sportswear for Recreational or Fitness Activities

  • Pyjamas, Robe and Slippers

  • Undergarments

Clothing which can be layered is helpful to be comfortable seasonally appropriate and outdoor activity clothes. We encourage you to come prepared with several seasonal clothing options (i.e. umbrella and raincoat, lightweight jacket, sweater, heavier jacket for winter months, sunglasses, hats, etc.)


Prior to admission, please advise the Admissions Staff of all current prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking. Please include the name, dosage and frequency of each medication, as well as the name of the prescribing physician.

All prescriptions must be current, your name must be on the prescription label, and there should be no more than the prescribed amount of pills in the bottle. Please bring at least one week of prescription medications with you. A nurse will review all medications with you after admission. If you have a prescription card through your insurance company, bring it with you. Prescriptions are filled at the local pharmacy and kept in the medication room.

What To Leave at Home

For the safety and confidentiality of other participants, please do not bring the following items:

  • Disposable or safety razors

  • Electronic Devices (Cell Phones, Computers, TVs, Tablets devices, DVD Players)

  • Fashion, Tabloid or Diet Magazines

  • Weapons and Firearms

  • Expensive Jewelry of other Valuables

  • Clothing that Depicts Alcohol, Drugs, Sex or Violence

  • Products Containing Alcohol (mouthwash, hairspray, breath spray, astringent, etc.)

  • Acetone-Based Products or Aerosol-Spray Products

  • No hair dye

  • Scissors

  • Candles or incense

  • Pornography

  • Alcohol or Illegal Drugs


We reserve the right to disallow any item deemed unsafe or detrimental to participant care.


Controlled items:

Certain items are permitted to be brought to treatment, however, the participant will have restricted access.  The items will be held with the nursing station and made available upon reasonable request.

  • Vitamins

  • Nail clippers

  • Nail polish remover

  • Protein powder of workout supplements

Personal Toiletries

All personal toiletries must be in their new original sealed containers. Emery boards are preferred but nail files or clippers may be brought and will be locked in an assigned locked box when not being used. Clients may bring their own electric/battery-operated razors.

  • Feminine Products

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Body Soap and Face Soap

  • Deodorant, Lotion, and Sunscreen

  • Make-up (one small bag)

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

  • Hairdryer and Hair Styling Products

  • Mouthwash (can not contain alcohol)

Dress Code

  • Clothing cannot be revealing or inappropriate (questionable apparel will be determined at the discretion of staff).

  • Shirts must meet the waistband of pants. No exposed midriffs. Shirts may not show excessive cleavage.

  • See-through clothing must be worn with appropriate undershirts. Visible underwear is not appropriate. This applies to men and cut off/sleeveless shirts. An appropriate undershirt must be worn.

  • Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer when standing (when standing, your shorts should be no shorter than your fingertips when arms are at your side.)

  • No clothing with alcohol, drug, sex or gang themes, terms or innuendos.

  • Pants must cover hips. No underwear showing. No sagging pants.

  • Shoes or socks are to be worn at all times in the house. Shoes must be worn at all times outside the building.

  • Shirts must be worn at all times in the house and on the property.

  • Sleeping attire may not be worn outside the bedroom.

  • Leggings may only be worn if appropriately covered by shirts that fall below the buttocks.

  • Gym attire must follow all of the above- mentioned rules: shoes, appropriate length shorts & shirts.

  • Men are required to wear shirts at all times: this includes during gym and outdoor exercise.

  • Any other clothing that is not specifically mentioned in these rules but is deemed inappropriate by staff must be changed.

  • Sunglasses should be worn outside only.

Personal items:

Participants are encouraged to bring personal items that may provide them with additional comfort.

  • Books and crossword puzzles

  • Diary or writing journals

  • MP3 player (must not have sim card or picture taking capability)

  • Any other reasonable items that you feel will help give you comfort and support during your journey of recovery.

If you are unsure as to whether any particular item is appropriate or permitted, we invite you call us at 1-888-212-1627

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